The Calley Arms

Hodson, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0QG

On biscuit tins and chocolate boxes sometimes you see impressions
Of beautiful thatched cottages created with expression
And there is such a paradise, set in the north of Wiltshire
Where those pictures really come to life and can actually be seen here.
It nestles in a valley near Coate Water Country Park
Itself a local beauty spot and worthy of remark
But just walk up the lane apiece and you will surely find
More beauty still at Hodson where Old England springs to mind.
The trees, the thatch, the winding road all blend in symmetry
You’d think you were in a film set but you’re not, it’s real you see
It’s a living working, hamlet, small community and farms.
And a classic English country pub known as the ‘Calley Arms.’
It took its name from the Calley family who owned the whole estate
And back at the turn of the century farm workers would congregate
In the pub to quaff the golden ale when their days work was done
On long summer days you can picture that as you watch the setting sun.
It’s a Wadworth’s inn and Devizes is that well known brewers town
A reputation built on taste, with ales held in high renown
And in the evening when you’re driving home it’s hard to motor past
Since a ‘Six X’ brew if kept well and true is surely unsurpassed.
Another main ingredient that’s either there or not
Is found not in the beer itself but matters such a lot
It can’t be bought, it can’t be made, it’s known as atmosphere
In abundance at the Calley and the evidence is clear.
It’s feeling warm and friendly with the company you’re keeping
If you drink in here I know you will have found what you were seeking
If not I recommend to you to try this very day.
The Calley Arms will welcome you when you should come this way!